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Kruh GD , Chan A , Myers K , Gaughan K , Miki T , Aaronson SA
Expression Complementary-DNA Library Transfer Establishes Mrp as a Multidrug-Resistance Gene
Cancer Research. 1994 Apr 1;54(7) :1649-1652
PMID: ISI:A1994ND23800010   
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The emergence of drug-resistant cancer cells is a major obstacle to cancer treatment. Resistant cells often display a multidrug-resistant phenotype that reduces the promise of combination chemotherapy, the classic approach to the prevention of drug resistance. mdr1, a member of the ABC cassette superfamily of transporters which encodes an energy- dependent drug efflux pump, is the only gene known to confer the multidrug-resistant phenotype. Other multidrug resistance mechanisms must exist, since cell lines which have this phenotype in the absence of mdr1 overexpression have been described. We report here the application of a novel approach involving expression complementary DNA library transfer to the identification of drug-resistant genes. Using this approach we establish that mrp, a member of the ABC cassette superfamily of transporters, is capable of conferring a multidrug-resistant phenotype. This approach should be useful in the identification of other novel resistance genes.
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