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Kariv I , Hardy RR , Hayakawa K
Altered Major Histocompatibility Complex Restriction in the Nk1.1(+)Ly-6c(Hi) Autoreactive Cd4(+) T-Cell Subset from Class Ii-Deficient Mice
Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1994 Dec 1;180(6) :2419-2424
PMID: ISI:A1994PU36100048   
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We previously demonstrated selective enrichment of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II-specific autoreactive T cells in a subset of mouse CD4(+) thymocytes. Here we show that a significant fraction of these autoreactive cells in the normal adult thymus expresses NK1.1 and high levels of Ly-6C and also exhibits flexibility in MHC restriction. In normal mice, this NK1.1(+)Ly-6C(hi) subfraction accounts for 10-50% of the CD4(+) autoreactive subset and is enriched for MHC class II-restricted autoreactive cells as determined by mixed leukocyte reaction frequency analysis, similar to NK1.1(-)Ly- 6C(-)CD4(+) autoreactive cells. In contrast, in the thymus of class II-deficient littermate mice, NK1.1(+)Ly-6C(hi) cells account for most of the mature heat stable antigen (HSA)(- )CD4(+) fraction and exhibit MHC-restricted non-class II autoreactivity. Thus, NK1.1(+)Ly-6C(hi)CD4(+) T cells show flexibility in MHC class restriction, but their autoreactivity remains MHC dependent.
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