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Buetow KH , Weber JL , Ludwigsen S , Scherpbierheddema T , Duyk GM , Sheffield VC , Wang ZY , Murray JC
Integrated Human Genome-Wide Maps Constructed Using the Ceph Reference Panel
Nature Genetics. 1994 Apr;6(4) :391-393
PMID: ISI:A1994ND87000019   
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High resolution linkage maps have proven to be invaluable tools in genetic investigations. We have assembled a collection of genetic maps constructed from primary data collected from investigators performing genotyping using the Centre Etude Polymorphism Humain (CEPH) reference pedigree panel. These maps were constructed using a rigorous, semi-automated map construction algorithm that evaluates the integrity of the maps during construction. Two classes of maps were produced: a high confidence ''skeletal'' set composed of 544 PCR based markers, and a more highly annotated ''framework'' set containing maps of 1,123 markers. Genetic map locations within the framework maps are provided for an additional 1,758 loci without statistically unique interval assignments.
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