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Arisawa Y , Sutantoward E , Dalton RR , Sigurdson ER
Short-Term Intrahepatic Fudr Infusion Combined with Bolus Mitomycin-C - Reduced Risk for Developing Drug-Resistance
Journal of Surgical Oncology. 1994 Jun;56(2) :75-80
PMID: ISI:A1994NU96500004   
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This study evaluates tumor response, survival, and development of resistance to HAI chemotherapy, comparing a combination of bolus MMC and short duration FUdR to short duration FUdR alone or to long duration FUdR alone, using a rat hepatic metastases model. After intrasplenic injection of 10(7) K12/TRb colon cancer cells in BD-IX rats on day 0, hepatic metastases were evaluated and HA catheters were placed on day 14. The response was determined on day 28. Chemosensitivity of the hepatic metastases after HAI treatments was determined using the MTT assay. Bolus MMC with short duration FUdR as well as long-term FUdR alone provided better hepatic tumor response and survival than short-term FUdR alone. However, bolus MMC with short duration FUdR decreased the acquired resistance to FUdR, compared to long-term FUdR, without causing resistance to MMC. These results provide a rationale for using short duration of FUdR in combination with other drugs. (C) 1994 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
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