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Soler AP , Knudsen KA , Jaurand MC , Johnson KR , Wheelock MJ , Kleinszanto AJP , Salazar H
The Differential Expression of N-Cadherin and E-Cadherin Distinguishes Pleural Mesotheliomas from Lung Adenocarcinomas
Human Pathology. 1995 Dec;26(12) :1363-1369
PMID: ISI:A1995TK35600012   
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Malignant mesotheliomas are highly aggressive tumors that develop most frequently in the pleura of patients chronically exposed to asbestos. The distinction between malignant mesotheliomas and tumors of epithelial origin, particularly peripheral lung adenocarcinoma, can be difficult despite the use of immunocytochemical markers and other diagnostic tools. During embryonic development the cadherin cell-cell adhesion molecules participate in the segregation of cells into different tissues. ks a result of complex mechanisms of tissue selectivity, N-cadherin is expressed by the developing pleural mesothelial cells and E-cadherin is expressed by the epithelial cells of the lung. Thus, we postulated that N-cadherin could be used as a marker of mesothelial cells and mesothelial tumors, in contrast to adenocarcinomas of the lung that are tumors of epithelial origin. We studied the expression of N-cadherin, E- cadherin and two cadherin-associated proteins, alpha-catenin and beta-catenin, in 19 pleural mesotheliomas, 16 lung adenocarcinomas and in 2 mesothelioma cell lines using specific monoclonal antibodies and immunohistochemical methods. Our results show that all mesotheliomas express high levels of N- cadherin, regardless of their histological type, in contrast to lung adenocarcinomas which expressed E-cadherin but no N- cadherin. The cadherin-associated proteins, alpha-catenin and beta-catenin, were present in both mesotheliomas and adenocarcinomas. Our results show that pleural mesotheliomas can be distinguished from lung adenocarcinomas based on the differential expression of N-cadherin and E-cadherin, using specific monoclonal antibodies and immunocytochemistry. Copyright (C) 1995 by W.B. Saunders Company
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