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Prinsep MR , Patterson GML , Larsen LK , Smith CD
Further Tolyporphins from the Blue-Green-Alga Tolypothrix Nodosa
Tetrahedron. 1995 Sep 18;51(38) :10523-10530
PMID: ISI:A1995RU28100011   
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Eight new porphinoids, tolyporphins B-I (2-9), along with the known tolyporphin A (1) have been isolated from a lipophilic extract of the Pacific cyanophyte, Tolypothrix nodosa. Their structures have been elucidated using 1- and 2-D NMR spectroscopic experiments and the tolyporphins showed varying activities in drug accumulation and competitive binding assays for multidrug resistance (MDR) reversal.
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