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Uzzo RN , Bloom E , Peters A , Parab M , Masic S , Kutikov A
Refractory hypertension due to unilateral renal lymphangiectasia: An uncommon case with a surgical solution
Urol Case Rep. 2020 Sep;32 :101177
PMID: 32322527    PMCID: PMC7171455   
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We describe a case of unilateral renal lymphangiectasia (RLM) in a 30-year-old male with severe, refractory hypertension (HTN) and end-organ effects despite five anti-hypertensives. After diagnostic testing, the patient ultimately underwent a successful right laparoscopic nephrectomy with significant improvement of HTN. We review the literature regarding the pathophysiology and management strategies of HTN in patients with renal lymphangiectasia.
Uzzo, Robert N Bloom, Evan Peters, Andrew Parab, Meena Masic, Selma Kutikov, Alexander Case Reports United States Urol Case Rep. 2020 Apr 8;32:101177. doi: 10.1016/j.eucr.2020.101177. eCollection 2020 Sep.