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King ES , Balshem A , Ross E , Rimer B , Seay J
Mammography Interventions for 65- to 74-Year-Old Hmo Women - Program Effectiveness and Predictors of Use
Journal of Aging and Health. 1995 Nov;7(4) :529-551
PMID: ISI:A1995TF49200004   
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This study evaluated the impact of two interventions designed to encourage mammography use among HMO women aged 65-74 who had not had a mammogram within the past year and had not used their referral for a free mammogram. Ninety days after the referral mailing, women were randomized to receive (a) a survey, (b) a survey in addition to telephone mammography counseling, or (c) a survey, telephone counseling, and a letter. Follow-up data indicated that only 13% of control group women compared to 27% who received phone counseling and 32% who received counseling and a letter obtained a mammogram within 120 days following the baseline survey and/or intervention. Results of the logistic regression analysis indicated that having received either of the interventions, mammography history, access ease, breast cancer/mammography beliefs, and having a friend or family member with breast cancer were independently and significantly related to mammography use.
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