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Hu J , Javaid T , Ariasmendoza F , Liu Z , McNamara R , Brown TR
A Fast, Reliable, Automatic Shimming Procedure Using H-1 Chemical-Shift-Imaging Spectroscopy
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Series B. 1995 Sep;108(3) :213-219
PMID: ISI:A1995RU65400002   
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The importance and the difficulty of achieving good Be homogeneity over the volume of interest in in vivo NMR spectroscopy are well known A fast, reliable, versatile, and fully automatic shimming procedure has been developed, using 3D chemical-shift imaging to measure the field distribution using only the water peak in the sample of interest, The procedure minimizes the mean-square error in the field distribution with respect to a constant held where the signal exists (e,g., the head). This produces a set of linear equations that can be solved by standard matrix methods. The procedure has been applied on a commercial imager producing water linewidths from the entire head as low as 8 Hz at 1.5 T. The mean linewidth and standard deviation from 94 head studies were 11.7 +/- 1.9 Hz. (C) 1995 Academic Press, Inc.
Times Cited: 23 Article RU654 J MAGN RESONANCE SER B