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Das IJ , McGee KP , Fein DA , Milito SJ , Shammo G , Curran WJ , Coia LR
Use of Multiplanar Reformatted Radiographic and Digitally Reconstructed Radiographic Images for Planning Conformal Radiation-Therapy
Radiographics. 1995 Nov;15(6) :1483-1488
PMID: ISI:A1995TF40200022   
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A three-dimensional treatment planning system capable of gantry, collimator, and table rotations is required for a noncoplanar conformal therapy, Unfortunately, such a system is not widely available, A method in which multiplanar reformatted radiographic (MPR) and digitally reconstructed radiographic (DRR) images are used is presented for conformal treatment of brain tumors. A head phantom containing a target volume was scanned on a computed tomographic (CT) simulator, The coronal MPR images were digitized on a treatment plan ning system to create a conformal block of the planned treatment field, The DRR images were generated on the CT simulator with the setup parameters calculated from the treatment planning system, A second set of conformal blocks was generated based on DRR images of the fields, The accuracy of the MPR- and DRR- generated blocks was verified on the vertex field, The differences between the actual planning target volume and the field edges of the MPR and DRR blocks were within +/-4 mm and +/-2 mm, respectively, The authors conclude that the MPR and DRR images could be successfully used to generate conformal blocks and for treatment planning of noncoplanar beams in radiation therapy.
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