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Crosby AH , Scherpbierheddema T , Wijmenga C , Altherr MR , Murray JC , Buetow KH , Dixon MJ
Genetic-Mapping of the Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type-Ii Locus
American Journal of Human Genetics. 1995 Oct;57(4) :832-839
PMID: ISI:A1995RV79300013   
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Dentinogenesis imperfecta type II (DGI-II) is an autosomal dominant disorder of dentin formation, which has previously been mapped to chromosome 4q12-21. In the current study, six novel short tandem-repeat polymorphisms (STRPs) have been isolated, five of which show significant evidence of linkage to DGI-II. To determine the order of the STRPs and define the genetic distance between them, nine loci (including polymorphisms for two known genes) were mapped through the CEPH reference pedigrees. The resulting genetic map encompasses 16.3 cM on the sex-averaged map. To combine this map with a physical map of the region, all of the STRPs were mapped through a somatic cell hybrid panel. The most likely location for the DGI-II locus within the fixed marker map is in the D4S2691- D4S2692 interval of 6.6 cM. The presence of a marker that shows no recombination with the DGI-II phenotype between the flanking markers provides an important anchor point for the creation of physical continuity across the DGI-II candidate region.
Times Cited: 26 Article RV793 AMER J HUM GENET