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Altomare DA , Guo K , Cheng JQ , Sonoda G , Walsh K , Testa JR
Cloning, Chromosomal Localization and Expression Analysis of the Mouse Akt2 Oncogene
Oncogene. 1995 Sep 21;11(6) :1055-1060
PMID: ISI:A1995RX18000007   
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We isolated mouse cDNA clones containing the entire coding region of the putative oncogene Akt2, Sequence analysis revealed that, like its human homolog, Akt2 encodes a protein- serine/threonine kinase containing a pleckstrin homology domain at its amino terminus, Fluorescence in situ hybridization of the mouse cDNA to rodent metaphase spreads demonstrated that the Akt2 gene maps to mouse chromosome band 7B1 and rat chromosome 1q22. Expression levels of mouse Akt2 mRNA and Akt2 protein varied among tissues, with the highest levels in skeletal muscle, Akt2 expression was low in a multipotent fibroblast cell line, but it was upregulated when these cells were transformed with Myod and induced to differentiate into myocytes. These data demonstrate that Akt2 expression is activated during cellular differentiation and suggest that it functions in the signaling pathways of some adult tissues.
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