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Bichakjian CK , Olencki T , Aasi SZ , Alam M , Andersen JS , Blitzblau R , Bowen GM , Contreras CM , Daniels GA , Decker R , Farma JM , Fisher K , Gastman B , Ghosh K , Grekin RC , Grossman K , Ho AL , Lewis KD , Loss M , Lydiatt DD , Messina J , Nehal KS , Nghiem P , Puzanov I , Schmults CD , Shaha AR , Thomas V , Xu YG , Zic JA , Hoffmann KG , Engh AM
Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Version 1.2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2018 Jun;16(6) :742-774
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This selection from the NCCN Guidelines for Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) focuses on areas impacted by recently emerging data, including sections describing MCC risk factors, diagnosis, workup, follow-up, and management of advanced disease with radiation and systemic therapy. Included in these sections are discussion of the new recommendations for use of Merkel cell polyomavirus as a biomarker and new recommendations for use of checkpoint immunotherapies to treat metastatic or unresectable disease. The next update of the complete version of the NCCN Guidelines for MCC will include more detailed information about elements of pathology and addresses additional aspects of management of MCC, including surgical management of the primary tumor and draining nodal basin, radiation therapy as primary treatment, and management of recurrence.
Bichakjian, Christopher K. Olencki, Thomas Aasi, Sumaira Z. Alam, Murad Andersen, James S. Blitzblau, Rachel Bowen, Glen M. Contreras, Carlo M. Daniels, Gregory A. Decker, Roy Farma, Jeffrey M. Fisher, Kris Gastman, Brian Ghosh, Karthik Grekin, Roy C. Grossman, Kenneth Ho, Alan L. Lewis, Karl D. Loss, Manisha Lydiatt, Daniel D. Messina, Jane Nehal, Kishwer S. Nghiem, Paul Puzanov, Igor Schmults, Chrysalyne D. Shaha, Ashok R. Thomas, Valencia Xu, Yaohui G. Zic, John A. Hoffmann, Karin G. Engh, Anita M. 1540-1413