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Obasaju CK , Johnson SW , Rogatko A , Kilpatrick D , Brennan JM , Hamilton TC , Ozols RF , Odwyer PJ , Gallo JM
Evaluation of carboplatin pharmacokinetics in the absence and presence of paclitaxel
Clinical Cancer Research. 1996 Mar;2(3) :549-552
PMID: ISI:A1996TY62000015   
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In a clinical trial of paclitaxel (Taxol) and carboplatin in combination, the severity of thrombocytopenia was less than would be expected with an equivalent dose of carboplatin alone. To determine whether a pharmacokinetic interaction was responsible for this observation, the effect of pretreatment with Taxol on the pharmacokinetics of carboplatin was examined in 11 patients. Each patient was randomized to one of two treatment groups that determined the order of drug treatments. The treatments were carboplatin as a 30-min infusion alone or immediately following 175 mg/m(2) Taxol administered as a 3-h i.v. infusion. The treatments were separated by 1 week. The carboplatin dose was chosen to produce a target area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) of 3.75 mg-min/ml according to a previously published formula (A. H. Calvert et al., J. Clin Oncol., 7: 1748-1756, 1989). The mean administered dose of carboplatin was 338 mg. Serial blood samples were collected over 24 h and analyzed for total and free platinum, and, in some patients, Taxol. The pharmacokinetics of carboplatin (i.e., total clearance and volume of distribution at steady state), was not significantly affected by pretreatment with Taxol. Total clearances of carboplatin were 67.2 +/- 28.8 ml/min and 64.6 +/- 27.9 ml/min in the absence and presence of Taxol, respectively (P = 0.56). The AUC of free carboplatin (3.45 mg-min/ml) obtained in the absence of Taxol was not significantly different from that measured in the presence of Taxol (3.27 mg-min/ml). The AUC of carboplatin in both the absence and presence of Taxol agreed with the projected target AUC of 3.75 mg-min/ml. In conclusion, the application of an individualized dosing strategy is valid for the calculation of the carboplatin dose in this combination. The pharmacokinetics of carboplatin is not altered by pretreatment with Taxol at a standard dose, and a pharmacokinetic interaction is not responsible for the altered toxicity of the combination.
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