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London WT , Evans AA
The epidemiology of hepatitis viruses B, C, and D
Clinics in Laboratory Medicine. 1996 Jun;16(2) :251-&
PMID: ISI:A1996UQ93300002   
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Chronic viral hepatitis is caused mainly by chronic infection with hepatitis viruses B (HBV), C (HCV), or delta (HDV). Persons chronically infected with one or more of these viruses may develop chronic progressive hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver failure. In addition, chronic HBV and HCV infections are major causal risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma. Alcohol consumption accelerates the development of chronic liver disease among HCV-infected individuals and may have similar effects on persons chronically infected with HBV alone or HBV and HDV, but the reported studies are inconsistent.
Times Cited: 6 English Review UQ933 CLIN LAB MED