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Hiramatsu R , Akagi K , Matsuoka M , Sakumi K , Nakamura H , Kingsbury L , David C , Hardy RR , Yamamura K , Sakano H
The 3' enhancer region determines the B/T specificity and pro-B pre-B specificity of immunoglobulin V-kappa-J(kappa) joining
Cell. 1995 Dec 29;83(7) :1113-1123
PMID: ISI:A1995TM76200008   
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Using transgenic substrates, we found that the immunoglobulin kappa gene 3' enhancer (E3') acts as a negative regulator in V- kappa-J(kappa) joining. Although the E3' was originally identified as a transcriptional enhancer, it acts in a suppressive manner for recombinational regulation. Base substitution analysis has shown that the PU.1-binding site within the E3' regulates the B/T specificity of V-kappa- J(kappa) joining. In a substrate with a mutated PU.1-binding site (GAGGAA to TCTTCG), V-kappa-J(kappa) joining occurred not only in B cells, but also in T cells. The E3' region is also responsible for determining the pro-B/pre-B specificity of V- kappa-J(kappa) joining. When the E3' region was deleted, kappa gene rearrangement actively occurred at the early pro-B stage of B cell development: nongermline (N) nucleotides were common at recombination junctions.
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