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Carroll PR , Parsons JK , Andriole G , Bahnson RR , Barocas DA , Castle EP , Catalona WJ , Dahl DM , Davis JW , Epstein JI , Etzioni RB , Farrington T , Hemstreet GP 3rd , Kawachi MH , Lange PH , Loughlin KR , Lowrance W , Maroni P , Mohler J , Morgan TM , Nadler RB , Poch M , Scales C , Shaneyfelt TM , Smaldone MC , Sonn G , Sprenke P , Vickers AJ , Wake R , Shead DA , Freedman-Cass D
NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines Prostate Cancer Early Detection, Version 2.2015
J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 Dec;13(12) :1534-61
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Prostate cancer represents a spectrum of disease that ranges from nonaggressive, slow-growing disease that may not require treatment to aggressive, fast-growing disease that does. The NCCN Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection provide a set of sequential recommendations detailing a screening and evaluation strategy for maximizing the detection of prostate cancer that is potentially curable and that, if left undetected, represents a risk to the patient. The guidelines were developed for healthy men who have elected to participate in the early detection of prostate cancer, and they focus on minimizing unnecessary procedures and limiting the detection of indolent disease.
Carroll, Peter R Parsons, J Kellogg Andriole, Gerald Bahnson, Robert R Barocas, Daniel A Castle, Erik P Catalona, William J Dahl, Douglas M Davis, John W Epstein, Jonathan I Etzioni, Ruth B Farrington, Thomas Hemstreet, George P 3rd Kawachi, Mark H Lange, Paul H Loughlin, Kevin R Lowrance, William Maroni, Paul Mohler, James Morgan, Todd M Nadler, Robert B Poch, Michael Scales, Chuck Shaneyfelt, Terrence M Smaldone, Marc C Sonn, Geoffrey Sprenke, Preston Vickers, Andrew J Wake, Robert Shead, Dorothy A Freedman-Cass, Deborah eng Practice Guideline J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 Dec;13(12):1534-61.