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Budarf ML , Eckman B , Michaud D , McDonald T , Gavigan S , Buetow KH , Tatsumura Y , Liu ZG , Hilliard C , Driscoll D , Goldmuntz E , Meese E , Zwarthoff EC , Williams S , McDermid H , Dumanski JP , Biegel J , Bell CJ , Emanuel BS
Regional localization of over 300 loci on human chromosome 22 using a somatic cell hybrid mapping panel
Genomics. 1996 Jul 15;35(2) :275-288
PMID: ISI:A1996UX82500001   
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A somatic cell hybrid panel, consisting of 25 cell lines, has been developed to localize loci subregionally on chromosome 22. Over 300 markers in the form of STSs or hybridization probes have been assigned to one of 24 unique regions or ''bins'' using this panel. This ordered collection of markers will aid in the assembly of physical maps and contigs of chromosome 22 and assist in positional cloning of disease loci mapped to chromosome 22. (C) 1996 academic Press, Inc.
Times Cited: 19 English Review UX825 GENOMICS