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Martin JM , Li T , Johnson ME , Murphy CT , Howald AG , Smaldone MC , Kutikov A , Chen DY , Viterbo R , Greenberg RE , Uzzo RG , Horwitz EM
Use of Postprostatectomy Radiation Therapy at an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 May;13(5) :525-30
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PURPOSE: Characterize use of postprostatectomy radiation (PPRT) for patients with prostate cancer at an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center. METHODS: We queried our prospective prostate cancer database for patients treated with 60 to 68 Gy of radiation therapy (RT) to the prostate bed after prostatectomy from 2003 to 2011. Prostatectomy cases were obtained from billing records. Patients with an intact prostate treated with definitive RT served as a control for the change in volume of patients with prostate cancer treated in the department. Chi-square analysis assessed differences between adjuvant and salvage RT cohorts. Spearman correlation assessed yearly trends in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level at the time of referral for RT. Linear regression models tested trends for number of PPRT cases, prostatectomies, and patients with intact prostate receiving radiation across years. RESULTS: PPRT was used to treat 475 men at Fox Chase Cancer Center from 2003 to 2011 (83 adjuvant and 392 salvage). Over time, an increased proportion of patients receiving RT to the prostate were treated with PPRT. No increase was seen in the proportion of patients treated with adjuvant RT compared with salvage RT (P=.5). Patients receiving adjuvant RT were younger, had higher pathologic Gleason score, pathologic T stage, and rates of positive margins than those receiving salvage RT. Pre-RT PSA values were inversely correlated with year (P=.005). The number of patients referred for salvage RT with a PSA of 0.5 ng/mL or less increased significantly from 7.9% in 2003 to 26.6% in 2011 (P=.002). CONCLUSIONS: A larger proportion of patients treated with RT for localized prostate cancer are now receiving PPRT. No increase was seen in the proportion of patients treated with adjuvant RT. Over time, patients with lower PSAs were referred for salvage RT.
Martin, Jeffrey M Li, Tianyu Johnson, Matthew E Murphy, Colin T Howald, Alan G Smaldone, Marc C Kutikov, Alexander Chen, David Y T Viterbo, Rosalia Greenberg, Richard E Uzzo, Robert G Horwitz, Eric M United States J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 May;13(5):525-30.