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Babb JS , Rogatko A
Patient specific dosing in a cancer phase I clinical trial
Stat Med. 2001 Jul 30;20(14) :2079-90
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Recent improvements in our understanding of drug metabolism have led to the development of anticancer therapies that accommodate patient differences in drug tolerance. Such methods adjust the dose level according to measurable patient characteristics in order to obtain a target drug exposure. This paper describes the utilization of a patient specific dosing scheme in the statistical design of a phase I clinical trial involving patients with advanced adenocarcinomas of gastrointestinal origin. During the trial, dose levels were adjusted according to each patient's pretreatment concentration of an antibody that was shown in preclinical testing to moderate the effect of the agent under investigation. The design of the trial permitted a continual adjustment of the model used to tailor the dose to each patient's individual needs.
0277-6715 Journal Article