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Motzer RJ , Jonasch E , Agarwal N , Beard C , Bhayani S , Bolger GB , Chang SS , Choueiri TK , Costello BA , Derweesh IH , Gupta S , Hancock SL , Kim JJ , Kuzel TM , Lam ET , Lau C , Levine EG , Lin DW , Michaelson MD , Olencki T , Pili R , Plimack ER , Rampersaud EN , Redman BG , Ryan CJ , Sheinfeld J , Shuch B , Sircar K , Somer B , Wilder RB , Dwyer M , Kumar R
Kidney cancer, version 3.2015
J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 Feb;13(2) :151-9
PMID: 25691606   
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The NCCN Guidelines for Kidney Cancer provide multidisciplinary recommendations for the clinical management of patients with clear cell and non-clear cell renal carcinoma. These NCCN Guidelines Insights highlight the recent updates/changes in these guidelines, and updates include axitinib as first-line treatment option for patients with clear cell renal carcinoma, new data to support pazopanib as subsequent therapy for patients with clear cell carcinoma after first-line treatment with another tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and guidelines for follow-up of patients with renal cell carcinoma.
1540-1413 Motzer, Robert J Jonasch, Eric Agarwal, Neeraj Beard, Clair Bhayani, Sam Bolger, Graeme B Chang, Sam S Choueiri, Toni K Costello, Brian A Derweesh, Ithaar H Gupta, Shilpa Hancock, Steven L Kim, Jenny J Kuzel, Timothy M Lam, Elaine T Lau, Clayton Levine, Ellis G Lin, Daniel W Michaelson, M Dror Olencki, Thomas Pili, Roberto Plimack, Elizabeth R Rampersaud, Edward N Redman, Bruce G Ryan, Charles J Sheinfeld, Joel Shuch, Brian Sircar, Kanishka Somer, Brad Wilder, Richard B Dwyer, Mary Kumar, Rashmi Journal Article United States J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2015 Feb;13(2):151-9.