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Patrick-Miller L , Egleston BL , Daly M , Stevens E , Fetzer D , Forman A , Bealin L , Rybak C , Peterson C , Corbman M , Bradbury AR
Implementation and outcomes of telephone disclosure of clinical BRCA1/2 test results
Patient Education and Counseling. 2013 Dec;93(3) :413-419
PMID: WOS:000329267300010   
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Objectives: With an increasing demand for genetic services, effective and efficient delivery models for genetic testing are needed. Methods: In this prospective single-arm communication study, participants received clinical BRCA1/2 results by telephone with a genetic counselor and completed surveys at baseline, after telephone disclosure (TD) and after in-person clinical follow-up. Results: Sixty percent of women agreed to participate; 73% of decliners preferred in-person communication. Anxiety decreased from baseline to post-TD (p = 0.03) and satisfaction increased (p < 0.01). Knowledge did not change significantly from baseline to post-TD, but was higher post-clinical follow-up (p = 0.04). Cancer patients had greater declines in state anxiety and African-American participants reported less increase in satisfaction. 28% of participants did not return for in-person clinical follow-up, particularly those with less formal education, and higher post-disclosure anxiety and depression (p < 0.01). Conclusions: Telephone disclosure of BRCA1/2 test results may not be associated with negative cognitive and affective responses among willing patients, although some subgroups may experience less favorable responses. Some patients do not return for in-person clinical follow-up and longitudinal outcomes are unknown. Practice implications: Further evaluation of longitudinal outcomes of telephone disclosure and differences among subgroups can inform how to best incorporate telephone communication into delivery of genetic services. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
Patrick-Miller, Linda Egleston, Brian L. Daly, Mary Stevens, Evelyn Fetzer, Dominique Forman, Andrea Bealin, Lisa Rybak, Christina Peterson, Candace Corbman, Melanie Bradbury, Angela R.