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Burt RW , Cannon JA , David DS , Early DS , Ford JM , Giardiello FM , Halverson AL , Hamilton SR , Hampel H , Ismail MK , Jasperson K , Klapman JB , Lazenby AJ , Lynch PM , Mayer RJ , Ness RM , Provenzale D , Rao MS , Shike M , Steinbach G , Terdiman JP , Weinberg D , Dwyer M , Freedman-Cass D
Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2013 Dec;11(12) :1538-1575
PMID: WOS:000328639000011   
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Mortality from colorectal cancer can be reduced by early diagnosis and by cancer prevention through polypectomy. These NCCN Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening describe various colorectal screening modalities and recommended screening schedules for patients at average or increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. In addition, the guidelines provide recommendations for the management of patients with high-risk colorectal cancer syndromes, including Lynch syndrome. Screening approaches for Lynch syndrome are also described.
Burt, Randall W. Cannon, Jamie A. David, Donald S. Early, Dayna S. Ford, James M. Giardiello, Francis M. Halverson, Amy L. Hamilton, Stanley R. Hampel, Heather Ismail, Mohammad K. Jasperson, Kory Klapman, Jason B. Lazenby, Audrey J. Lynch, Patrick M. Mayer, Robert J. Ness, Reid M. Provenzale, Dawn Rao, M. Sambasiva Shike, Moshe Steinbach, Gideon Terdiman, Jonathan P. Weinberg, David Dwyer, Mary Freedman-Cass, Deborah