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Hamilton KE , Noubissi FK , Katti PS , Hahn CM , Davey SR , Lundsmith ET , Klein-Szanto AJ , Rhim AD , Spiegelman VS , Rustgi AK
IMP1 promotes tumor growth, dissemination and a tumor-initiating cell phenotype in colorectal cancer cell xenografts
Carcinogenesis. 2013 Nov;34(11) :2647-2654
PMID: WOS:000326655200026    PMCID: PMC 3810836   
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Igf2 mRNA binding protein 1 (IMP1, CRD-BP, ZBP-1) is a messenger RNA binding protein that we have shown previously to regulate colorectal cancer (CRC) cell growth in vitro. Furthermore, increased IMP1 expression correlates with enhanced metastasis and poor prognosis in CRC patients. In the current study, we sought to elucidate IMP1-mediated functions in CRC pathogenesis in vivo. Using CRC cell xenografts, we demonstrate that IMP1 overexpression promotes xenograft tumor growth and dissemination into the blood. Furthermore, intestine-specific knockdown of Imp1 dramatically reduces tumor number in the Apc(Min/) mouse model of intestinal tumorigenesis. In addition, IMP1 knockdown xenografts exhibit a reduced number of tumor cells entering the circulation, suggesting that IMP1 may directly modulate this early metastatic event. We further demonstrate that IMP1 overexpression decreases E-cadherin expression, promotes survival of single tumor cell-derived colonospheres and promotes enrichment and maintenance of a population of CD24CD44 cells, signifying that IMP1 overexpressing cells display evidence of loss of epithelial identity and enhancement of a tumor-initiating cell phenotype. Taken together, these findings implicate IMP1 as a modulator of tumor growth and provide evidence for a novel role of IMP1 in early events in CRC metastasis.
Hamilton, Kathryn E. Noubissi, Felicite K. Katti, Prateek S. Hahn, Christopher M. Davey, Sonya R. Lundsmith, Emma T. Klein-Szanto, Andres J. Rhim, Andrew D. Spiegelman, Vladimir S. Rustgi, Anil K.