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Teo ZL , Provenzano E , Dite GS , Park DJ , Apicella C , Sawyer SD , James PA , Mitchell G , Trainer AH , Lindeman GJ , Shackleton K , Cicciarelli L , Buys SS , Andrulis IL , Mulligan AM , Glendon G , John EM , Terry MB , Daly M , Odefrey FA , Nguyen-Dumont T , Giles GG , Dowty JG , Winship I , Goldgar DE , Hopper JL , Southey MC , kConFab
Tumour morphology predicts PALB2 germline mutation status
British Journal of Cancer. 2013 Jul;109(1) :154-163
PMID: WOS:000321702400021    PMCID: PMC 3708559   
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Teo, Z. L. Provenzano, E. Dite, G. S. Park, D. J. Apicella, C. Sawyer, S. D. James, P. A. Mitchell, G. Trainer, A. H. Lindeman, G. J. Shackleton, K. Cicciarelli, L. Buys, S. S. Andrulis, I. L. Mulligan, A. M. Glendon, G. John, E. M. Terry, M. B. Daly, M. Odefrey, F. A. Nguyen-Dumont, T. Giles, G. G. Dowty, J. G. Winship, I. Goldgar, D. E. Hopper, J. L. Southey, M. C.