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Han TH , Chen R , Advani R , Berryman RB , Smith SE , Forero-Torres A , Rosenblatt JD , Smith MR , Zain J , Hunder NN , Engert A
Brentuximab vedotin does not cause clinically relevant QTc interval prolongation in patients with CD30-positive hematologic malignancies
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 2013 Jul;72(1) :241-249
PMID: WOS:000320889300025   
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Han, T. H. Chen, R. Advani, R. Berryman, R. B. Smith, S. E. Forero-Torres, A. Rosenblatt, J. D. Smith, M. R. Zain, J. Hunder, N. N. Engert, A.