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Mocci E , Milne RL , Mendez-Villamil EY , Hopper JL , John EM , Andrulis IL , Chung WK , Daly M , Buys SS , Malats N , Goldgar DE
Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Breast Cancer Families from the Breast Cancer Family Registry
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 2013 May;22(5) :803-811
PMID: WOS:000318894200007    PMCID: PMC3739843   
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Mocci, Evelina Milne, Roger L. Yuste Mendez-Villamil, Elena Hopper, John L. John, Esther M. Andrulis, Irene L. Chung, Wendy K. Daly, Mary Buys, Saundra S. Malats, Nuria Goldgar, David E.