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Gorin A , Gabitova L , Astsaturov I
Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis and cancer signaling
Current Opinion in Pharmacology. 2012 Dec;12(6) :710-716
PMID: WOS:000312626300014    PMCID: PMC 3504641   
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Cellular growth is highly dependent on sustained production of lipids. Sterol composition of cellular membranes determines multiple biochemical and biophysical properties of membrane-based processes including vesicle traffic, receptor signaling, and assembly of protein complexes. Lipid biogenesis has become an attractive biochemical target in cancer given the high level of dependency on sterols and lipids in a cancer cell. This review summarized the current knowledge of mechanisms of interaction between the metabolism of sterols and receptor signaling.
Gorin, Andrey Gabitova, Linara Astsaturov, Igor NIH [CA-06927, R21 CA-164205, 1K22CA-160725]; Pew Charitable Fund; State of Pennsylvania This work was supported by NIH core grant CA-06927, by the Pew Charitable Fund, and by a generous gift from Mrs. Concetta Greenberg to Fox Chase Cancer Center, by NIH R21 CA-164205 and 1K22CA-160725 (to I.A.), and by Tobacco Settlement funding from the State of Pennsylvania (IA). We are grateful to Dr. Erica Golemis for critical comments on the work. 50 Elsevier sci ltd Oxford 058ic