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Kimbrell HZ , Gustafson KS , Huang M , Ehya H
Subclassification of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by Cytologic Sampling: A Logical Approach with Selective Use of Immunocytochemistry
Acta Cytologica. 2012 ;56(4) :419-424
PMID: WOS:000308449000015   
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Objectives: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of cytomorphology for subclassifying non-small cell lung cancer into adenocarcinoma (AC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SqC), and the utility of immunocytochemistry (ICC) for poorly differentiated cases. Study Design: Preoperative cytologic diagnoses of SqC, AC, or non-small cell carcinoma (NSCC) were compared with surgical resection diagnoses. NSCC cases with adequate cell block material were stained with CK7, CK5/6, TTF-1 and p63 antibodies and subclassified as SqC, AC, or equivocal. Results: 123 of 140 (88%) preoperative cytologic specimens had a malignant diagnosis, including 36 SqC, 72 AC, 6 adenosquamous carcinomas (ASC), and 9 large cell carcinomas (LCC). Accurate cytologic diagnoses were rendered in 18 (50%) SqC and 49 (68%) AC; 26 of 54 cases with a diagnosis of NSCC had adequate cell block material for ICC. TTF-1 and p63 accurately classified 8 of 9 (89%) SqC and 8 of 8 (100%) AC. One SqC, 2 ASC and 3 LCC had equivocal staining, while 1 ASC and 3 LCC stained as AC. Conclusions: The majority of SqC and AC (56%) can be classified by cytomorphology alone. TTF-1 and p63 ICC on cell blocks can provide accurate subclassification for NSCC in the vast majority of cases. Copyright (c) 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel
Kimbrell, Hillary Z. Gustafson, Karen S. Huang, Min Ehya, Hormoz 32 Karger Basel 001gq