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Li YS , Wasserman R , Hayakawa K , Hardy RR
Identification of the earliest B lineage stage in mouse bone marrow
Immunity. 1996 Dec;5(6) :527-535
PMID: ISI:A1996WA65100004   
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We have identified a very early stage of B lineage cells in the CD45R (B220)(+)CD24 (HSA)(-) pre-pro-B fraction of mouse bone marrow delineated by expression of AA4.1, a molecule found on stem cells and early B lineage cells. These cells are B lineage precursors based on their capacity to generate B lineage cells rapidly in stromal-dependent culture and their expression of high levels of germline IgH transcripts in the absence of Rag- 1/2. Half of these AA4.1(+) precursors express low levels of CD4, characteristic of lymphoid progenitors, but few if any have up-regulated CD19, a molecule expressed very early in the B lineage. Furthermore, expression of genes encoding pre-B and B cell receptor components (mb-1, B29, and lambda 5) and transcription factors necessary for B lineage differentiation (BSAP, E12, E47, and Id) provide further support for designating these cells as the earliest B cell precursors.
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