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Mortimer JE , Barsevick AM , Bennett CL , Berger AM , Cleeland C , DeVader SR , Escalante C , Gilreath J , Hurria A , Mendoza TR , Rugo HS
Studying Cancer-Related Fatigue: Report of the NCCN Scientific Research Committee
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2010 Dec;8(12) :1331-1339
PMID: ISI:000285132200004   
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NCCN convened a committee of experts to make recommendations for future studies of cancer-related fatigue (CRF). The committee reviewed the current data on the incidence, clinical measurement, and treatment of CRF. The assessment of fatigue is largely derived from self-report questionnaires that address the symptom of fatigue, and do not correlate the presence of fatigue with change in physical activity. The committee developed a self-report questionnaire, NCCN Fatigue and Contributing Factors Inventory, which incorporates assessments of fatigue, pain, difficulty sleeping, distress, physical activity, and concurrent medications. A clinical research study using this measure in conjunction with the NCCN Breast Cancer Outcomes Database Project is planned. The committee noted a strong interaction among fatigue, pain, difficulty sleeping, and distress and recommended that future clinical research address these interactions. (JNCCN 2010;8:1331-1339)
Mortimer, Joanne E. Barsevick, Andrea M. Bennett, Charles L. Berger, Ann M. Cleeland, Charles DeVader, Shannon R. Escalante, Carmen Gilreath, Jeffrey Hurria, Arti Mendoza, Tito R. Rugo, Hope S. Cephalon, Inc. The authors have disclosed that they have no financial interests, arrangements, or affiliations with the manufacturers of any products discussed in this article or their competitors. The Committee meeting was supported, in part, by a research grant from Cephalon, Inc. 48 Harborside press; 37 main st, cold spring harbor, ny 11724 usa 692dr