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Jin Y , Xia MC , Saylor CM , Narayan K , Kang J , Wiest DL , Wang YM , Xiong N
Cutting Edge: Intrinsic Programming of Thymic gamma delta T Cells for Specific Peripheral Tissue Localization
Journal of Immunology. 2010 Dec;185(12) :7156-7160
PMCID: PMC3023158   
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Various innate-like T cell subsets preferentially reside in specific epithelial tissues as the first line of defense. However, mechanisms regulating their tissue-specific development are poorly understood. Using the prototypical skin intraepithelial gamma delta T cells (sIELs) as a model, we show in this study that a TCR-mediated selection plays an important role in promoting acquisition of a specific skin-homing property by fetal thymic sIEL precursors for their epidermal location, and the skin-homing potential is intrinsically programmed even before the selection. In addition, once localized in the skin, the sIEL precursors develop into sIELs without the requirement of further TCR-ligand interaction. These studies reveal that development of the tissue-specific lymphocytes is a hard-wired process that targets them to specific tissues for proper functions. The Journal of Immunology, 2010, 185: 7156-7160.
Jin, Yan Xia, Mingcan Saylor, Christina M. Narayan, Kavitha Kang, Joonsoo Wiest, David L. Wang, Yanming Xiong, Na Amer assoc immunologists Bethesda 688uf