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Tempero MA , Arnoletti JP , Behrman S , Ben-Josef E , Benson AB , Berlin JD , Cameron JL , Casper ES , Cohen SJ , Duff M , Ellenhorn JDI , Hawkins WG , Hoffman JP , Kuvshinoff BW , Malafa MP , Muscarella P , Nakakura EK , Sasson AR , Thayer SP , Tyler DS
Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2010 Sep;8(9) :972-+
PMID: ISI:000282608800002    PMCID: PMC3135380   
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An estimated 36,800 people will die of pancreatic cancer in the United States in 2010. This disease is the fourth most common cause of cancer-related death among men and women in the United States. Its peak incidence is in the seventh and eighth decades of life. Although incidence is roughly equal for the sexes, African Americans seem to have a higher incidence than white Americans. Although the associated increase in risk is small, the development of pancreatic cancer is firmly linked to cigarette smoking. Some evidence shows that increased consumption of red meat and dairy products is associated with an elevation in pancreatic cancer risk, although other studies have failed to identify dietary risk factors. An increased body mass index is also associated with increased risk. Occupational exposure to chemicals, such as beta-naphthylamine and benzidine, is also associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. These guidelines only discuss tumors of the exocrine pancreas; neuroendocrine tumors are not included. Important changes in the updated 2010 NCCN Guidelines include the addition of leucovorin to 5-FU chemotherapy for some cases and revised principles of diagnosis and staging.
Tempero, Margaret A. Arnoletti, J. Pablo Behrman, Stephen Ben-Josef, Edgar Benson, Al B., III Berlin, Jordan D. Cameron, John L. Casper, Ephraim S. Cohen, Steven J. Duff, Michelle Ellenhorn, Joshua D. I. Hawkins, William G. Hoffman, John P. Kuvshinoff, Boris W., II Malafa, Mokenge P. Muscarella, Peter, II Nakakura, Eric K. Sasson, Aaron R. Thayer, Sarah P. Tyler, Douglas S. 249 Harborside press; 37 main st, cold spring harbor, ny 11724 usa 660ag