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Gomez-Baldo L , Schmidt S , Maxwell CA , Bonifaci N , Gabaldon T , Vidalain PO , Senapedis W , Kletke A , Rosing M , Barnekow A , Rottapel R , Capella G , Vidal M , Astrinidis A , Piekorz RP , Pujana MA
TACC3-TSC2 maintains nuclear envelope structure and controls cell division
Cell Cycle. 2010 Mar;9(6) :1143-1155
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Studies of the role of tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) proteins (TSC1/TSC2) in pathology have focused mainly on their capacity to regulate translation and cell growth, but their relationship with alterations of cellular structures and the cell cycle is not yet fully understood. The transforming acidic coiled-coil (TACC) domain-containing proteins are central players in structures and processes connected to the centrosome. Here, TACC3 interactome mapping identified TSC2 and 15 other physical interactors, including the evolutionary conserved interactions with ch-TOG/CKAP5 and FAM161B. TACC3 and TSC2 co-localize and co-purify with components of the nuclear envelope, and their deficiency causes morphological alterations of this structure. During cell division, TACC3 is necessary for the proper localization of phospho-Ser939 TSC2 at spindle poles and cytokinetic bridges. Accordingly, abscission alterations and increased frequency of binucleated cells were observed in Tacc3- and Tsc2-deficient cells relative to controls. In regulating cell division, TSC2 acts epistatically to TACC3 and, in addition to canonical TSC/mTOR signaling and cytokinetic associations, converges to the early mitotic checkpoint mediated by CHFR, consistently with nuclear envelope associations. Our findings link TACC3 to novel structural and cell division functions of TSC2, which may provide additional explanations for the clinical and pathological manifestations of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) disease and TSC syndrome, including the greater clinical severity of TSC2 mutations compared to TSC1 mutations.
Gomez-Baldo, Laia Schmidt, Stephan Maxwell, Christopher A. Bonifaci, Nuria Gabaldon, Toni Vidalain, Pierre-Olivier Senapedis, William Kletke, Anja Rosing, Mechthild Barnekow, Angelika Rottapel, Robert Capella, Gabriel Vidal, Marc Astrinidis, Aristotelis Piekorz, Roland P. Angel Pujana, Miguel Landes bioscience Austin 569xt