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Xu RH , Remakus S , Ma X , Roscoe F , Sigal LJ
Direct presentation is sufficient for an efficient anti-viral CD8 T cell response
PLoS Pathog. 2010 ;6(2) :e1000768
PMID: 20169189    PMCID: PMC2820535   
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The extent to which direct- and cross-presentation (DP and CP) contribute to the priming of CD8(+) T cell (T(CD8+)) responses to viruses is unclear mainly because of the difficulty in separating the two processes. Hence, while CP in the absence of DP has been clearly demonstrated, induction of an anti-viral T(CD8+) response that excludes CP has never been purposely shown. Using vaccinia virus (VACV), which has been used as the vaccine to rid the world of smallpox and is proposed as a vector for many other vaccines, we show that DP is the main mechanism for the priming of an anti-viral T(CD8+) response. These findings provide important insights to our understanding of how one of the most effective anti-viral vaccines induces immunity and should contribute to the development of novel vaccines.
Xu, Ren-Huan Remakus, Sanda Ma, Xueying Roscoe, Felicia Sigal, Luis J United States PLoS pathogens PLoS Pathog. 2010 Feb 12;6(2):e1000768.