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Taylor J
Structure and replication of hepatitis delta virus RNA
Hepatitis delta virus. 2006 :2-23
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GBA656497 bnb J.L. Casey (ed.). ill. Current topics in microbiology and immunology, 307 Includes bibliographical references and index. Structure and replication of hepatitis delta virus RNA / J.M. Taylor -- HDV RNA replication : ancient relic or primer? / T.B. Macnaughton and M.M.C. Lai -- HDV ribozymes / M.D. Been -- RNA editing in hepatitis delta virus / J.L. Casey -- Post-translational modification of delta antigen of hepatitis D virus / W.-H. Huang ... [et al.] -- The role of the HBV envelope proteins in the HDV replication cycle / C. Sureau -- Prenylation of HDAg and antiviral drug development / J.S. Glenn -- Hepatitis delta virus genetic variability : from genotypes I, II, III to eight major clades? / P. Dény -- Functional and clinical significance of hepatitis D virus genotype II infection / J.-C. Wu -- Immunology of HDV infection / M. Fielder and M. Roggendorf -- The woodchuck model of HDV infection / J.L. Casey and J.L. Gerin.