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Atkins MB , Bukowski RM , Escudier BJ , Figlin RA , Hudes GH , Kaelin WG , Linehan WM , McDermott DF , Mier JW , Pedrosa I , Rini BI , Signoretti S , Sosman JA , Teh BT , Wood CG , Zurita AJ , King L
Innovations and Challenges in Renal Cancer: Summary Statement From the Third Cambridge Conference
Cancer . 2009 May 15;115(10 Suppl) :2247-2251
PMID: 19402064    PMCID: PMC2892290    URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19402064
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The Third Cambridge Conference on Innovations and Challenges in Renal Cancer, a symposium held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 27-28, 2008, and chaired by Michael B. Atkins, was convened to discuss the current state of knowledge in the field, critique new data, stimulate communication among those involved in basic and clinical research, and offer recommendations for further study. Four main topics were discussed: genetics and molecular biology of renal cell cancer, staging and prognosis, systemic therapy, and correlative science and biomarkers in stage IV disease. The conference format combined brief presentations with extended periods of discussion. The conclusions and recommendations are summarized in this paper and presented in more detail in the individual papers that follow. Cancer 2009;115(10 suppl):2247-51. (C) 2009 American Cancer Society.
Atkins, Michael B. Bukowski, Ronald M. Escudier, Bernard J. Figlin, Robert A. Hudes, Gary H. Kaelin, William G., Jr. Linehan, W. Marston McDermott, David F. Mier, James W. Pedrosa, Ivan Rini, Brian I. Signoretti, Sabina Sosman, Jeffrey A. Teh, Bin Tean Wood, Christopher G. Zurita, Amado J. King, Laura 15 438YC