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Fang C
Mind/body approaches
Complementary and integrative medicine in cancer care and prevention : foundations and evidence-based interventions . 2007 :37-64
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2006029898 editor, Marc S. Micozzi. ill., ports. Includes bibliographical references and index. Cancer as a cellular phenomenon / Marc S. Micozzi -- Cancer as a biological phenomenon / Marc S. Micozzi -- Antiquity and ecology of cancer / Marc S. Micozzi -- Mind-body modalities / Carolyn Fang -- Guided imagery / Martin L. Rossman -- Expressive therapies / Ilene Serlin -- Religion and spirituality / Kent C. Shih and David Larson -- History of diet and cancer in human evolution / Marc S. Micozzi -- Diet, biology, and breast cancer / Marc S. Micozzi -- Prevention of cancer with nutrients and whole foods / Marc S. Micozzi -- Treatment of cancer with nutrients / Marc S. Micozzi -- History of alternative cancer diets / Marc S. Micozzi -- Natural products in cancer care and treatment / Marc S. Micozzi -- Naturopathy / Marc S. Micozzi -- Chinese medicine / Harriet Beinfield, Efrem Korngold, and Marc S. Micozzi -- Ayurvedic medicine / Marc S. Micozzi -- Homeopathy / Joyce Frye -- Controversial therapies / Marc S. Micozzi -- Legal and regulatory access to alternative cancer treatments / Alan Dumoff -- Patient perspectives / anonymous.