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Freedman GM
Radiation therapy for operable breast cancer: sixty years of progress as seen through the articles published in the journal Cancer
Cancer. 2008 Oct 1;113(7 Suppl) :1779-800
PMID: 18800389   
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This review examined the 60 years of progress made in treating breast cancer from the unique perspective of the reader of Cancer, with a specific emphasis on the evolution of radiation therapy, constituting a survey of the published articles in each decade, and the standards of treatment and controversies of their times that they portray, in 3 major areas: radiation as an adjuvant therapy to mastectomy, radiation for internal mammary lymph node treatment, and radiation with breast-conserving surgery as an alternative to mastectomy.
Freedman, G M Review United States Cancer Cancer. 2008 Oct 1;113(7 Suppl):1779-800.