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Fayad L , Patel H , Verhoef G , Smith MR , Johnson PWM , Czuczman MS , Coiffier B , Hess G , Gine E , Advani A , Offner F , Vandendries ER , Shapiro M , Dang NH
Safety and Clinical Activity of the Anti-CD22 Immunoconjugate Inotuzumab Ozogamicin (CMC-544) in Combination with Rituximab in Follicular Lymphoma or Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Preliminary Report of a Phase 1/2 Study
. 2008 :105-105
PMID: ISI:000262104700267   
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Fayad, Luis Patel, Hemant Verhoef, Gregor Smith, Mitchell R. Johnson, Peter W. M. Czuczman, Myron S. Coiffier, Bertrand Hess, Georg Gine, Eva Advani, Anjali Offner, Fritz Vandendries, Erik R. Shapiro, Mark Dang, Nam H. 0 389OP