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Amin RH , Cado D , Nolla H , Huang D , Shinton SA , Zhou Y , Hardy RR , Schlissel MS
Biallelic, ubiquitous transcription from the distal germline Ig kappa locus promoter during B cell development
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2009 Jan;106(2) :522-527
PMCID: PMC2626736   
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Allelic exclusion of Ig gene expression is necessary to limit the number of functional receptors to one per B cell. The mechanism underlying allelic exclusion is unknown. Because germline transcription of Ig and TCR loci is tightly correlated with rearrangement, we created two novel knock-in mice that report transcriptional activity of the J kappa germline promoters in the Ig kappa locus. Analysis of these mice revealed that germline transcription is biallelic and occurs in all pre-B cells. Moreover, we found that the two germline promoters in this region are not equivalent but that the distal promoter accounts for the vast majority of observed germline transcript in pre-B cells while the activity of the proximal promoter increases later in development. Allelic exclusion of the Ig kappa locus thus occurs at the level of rearrangement, but not germline transcription.
ISI Document Delivery No.: 399MM Amin, Rupesh H. Cado, Dragana Nolla, Hector Huang, Dan Shinton, Susan A. Zhou, Yan Hardy, Richard R. Schlissel, Mark S. NATL ACAD SCIENCES