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Nozawa K , Ikeda K , Satoh M , Reeves WH , Stewart CM , Li YC , Yen TJ , Rios RM , Takamori K , Ogawa H , Sekigawa I , Takasaki Y , Chan EKL
Autoantibody to NA14 is an independent marker primarily for Sjogren's syndrome
Frontiers in Bioscience. 2009 Jan;14 :3733-3739
PMID: ISI:000262352400257    PMCID: PMCID: PMC2864436   
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Nuclear Autoantigen of 14 kDa (NA14) was originally identified using the serum of a Sjogren's syndrome (SS) patient as probe in screening a human testis cDNA expression library. To date there is no report in the systematic analysis of the prevalence of autoantibodies to NA14. In this study, anti-NA14 was determined in several rheumatic diseases from independent cohorts in the US and Japan. The prevalence of anti-NA14 were 18/132 (13.6%) in primary SS, 0/50 (0%) secondary SS, 2/100 (2%) SLE, 1/43 (2.3%) scleroderma, 0/54 (0%) rheumatoid arthritis, 1/29 (3.4%) polymyositis/dermatomyositis, and 0/58 (0%) normal healthy controls. The frequencies of anti-NA14 positive sera in primary SS are statistically greater than normal healthy controls (p=0.006), secondary SS (p=0.044), and other rheumatic diseases. Furthermore, among 11 anti-NA14 positive primary SS sera, 4/11 (36.3%) sera were negative for both anti-SS-A/Ro and SS-B/La antibodies. Thus anti-NA14 autoantibodies may be useful for the discrimination of primary versus secondary SS and serve as a diagnostic marker for primary SS especially in seronegative (anti-SS-A/Ro and anti-SS-B/La antibodies negative) patients with SS.
Nozawa, Kazuhisa Ikeda, Keigo Satoh, Minoru Reeves, Westley H. Stewart, Carol M. Li, Yueh-Chun Yen, Tim J. Rios, Rosa M. Takamori, Kenji Ogawa, Hideoki Sekigawa, Iwao Takasaki, Yoshinari Chan, Edward K. L. 47 FRONTIERS IN BIOSCIENCE INC; C/O NORTH SHORE UNIV HOSPITAL, BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER, 350 COMMUNITY DR, MANHASSET, NY 11030 USA 393DZ