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De Bono JS , Petrylak DP , Calvo E , Saad F , Hudes GR , Cooney MM , Pollak MN , Agus DB , Gillessen S , Scranton J
Activity of the anti-IGF-IR antibody CP-751,871 in combinatiion with docetaxel as first-line treatment for castration resistant prostate cancer in a randomized Phase II trial
. 2008 :178-178
PMID: ISI:000261221200562   
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De Bono, J. S. Petrylak, D. P. Calvo, E. Saad, F. Hudes, G. R. Cooney, M. M. Pollak, M. N. Agus, D. B. Gillessen, S. Scranton, J. 0 376ZJ