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Weiss GR , Poggesi I , Rocchetti M , DeMaria D , Mooneyham T , Reilly D , Vitek LV , Whaley F , Patricia E , Von Hoff DD , O'Dwyer P
A phase I and pharmacokinetic study of tallimustine PNU152241 (FCE 24517) in patients with advanced cancer
Clinical Cancer Research. 1998 Jan;4(1) :53-59
PMID: ISI:000071623200008   
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Tallimustine [PNU 152241 (FCE 24517)] is a synthetic derivative of the DNA minor groove binder distamycin A, in which the NH2- terminal formyl group is substituted by benzoyl mustard, In this Phase I clinical trial, patients with advanced solid tumors received i.v. bolus injections of tallimustine daily for 3 consecutive days, Patients were treated at six dosage levels of 33.3 mu g/m(2)/day to 250 (mu g/m(2)/day for 3 consecutive days, with courses of therapy repeated every 28 days, Detailed pharmacokinetic blood sampling was performed during the first 3 days of the first course of tallimustine, The plasma samples were analayzed by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV detection, Forty-eight eligible patients were treated at all six dosage levels, The dominant dose-related toxicity of tallimustine was neutropenia, becoming dose limiting at 250 mu g/m(2)/day. At this dosage level, one patient experienced febrile neutropenia, and a second patient died on study of indeterminate cause, Thrombocytopenia was not observed, and only 10 patients developed anemia <8.0 gm/dl, Sporadic elevation of liver enzymes or bilirubin was observed but was not dose related. Pharmacokinetic analysis gave reliable results for 33 patients, For most patients, analysis of the data best fit a three-exponential model, Dose-related increases in areas under the concentration-time curve and end-of-infusion concentrations were observed, There was no significant plasma accumulation of tallimustine over the 3 days of administration, The terminal half-life of tallimustine in individual patients ranged from 6.83 to 39.02 h following the last dose, In summary, the recommended Phase II dosage for tallimustine is 200 mu g/m(2)/day for 3 consecutive days every 28 days, Neutropenia is the principal toxicity of this agent at this dosage and schedule.
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