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Viana MAG , Rogatko A , Rebbeck TR
Statistical assessment of multivalued screening tests
Canadian Journal of Statistics-Revue Canadienne De Statistique. 1998 Dec;26(4) :657-668
PMID: ISI:000078474600010   
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When the outcome of a screening test is expressed by the probabilities of k possible outcomes among individuals with a certain physiologic condition and by the corresponding probabilities among individuals without the condition, the screening usefulness of the test depends on the relative likelihood that its result may properly alter the management of a given patient. New statistical methods are introduced to apply the screening usefulness concept to the assessment of combined or multivalued tests. The method is applied to assess the usefulness of genotypes at cytochrome P450 IA 1 and glutathione-S-transferase-mu as biomarkers of susceptibility to developing lung cancer. The argument and methods developed should be widely applicable to the statistical assessment of screening tests for a wide range of physiologic conditions.
Times Cited: 1 English Article 164QG CAN J STAT