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Noble D , Kenna MA , Dix M , Skibbens RV , Unal E , Guacci V
Intersection between the regulators of sister chromatid cohesion establishment and maintenance in budding yeast indicates a multi-step mechanism
Cell Cycle. 2006 Nov 1;5(21) :2528-36
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Sister chromatid cohesion is established during S phase and maintained until anaphase. The cohesin complex (Mcd1p/Scc1p, Smc1p, Smc3p Irr1p/Scc3p in budding yeast) serves a structural role as it is required at all times when cohesion exists. Pds5p colocalizes temporally and spatially with cohesin on chromosomes but is thought to serve as a regulator of cohesion maintenance during mitosis. In contrast, Ctf7p/Eco1p is required during S phase for establishment but is not required during mitosis. Here we provide genetic and biochemical evidence that the pathways of cohesion establishment and maintenance are intimately linked. Our results show that mutants in ctf7 and pds5 are synthetically lethal. Moreover, over-expression of either CTF7 or PDS5 exhibits reciprocal suppression of the other mutant's temperature sensitivity. The suppression by CTF7 is specific for pds5 mutants as CTF7 over-expression increases the temperature sensitivity of an mcd1 mutant but has no effect on smc1 or smc3 mutants. Three additional findings provide new insights into the process of cohesion establishment. First, over-expression of ctf7 alleles deficient in acetylase activity exhibit significantly reduced suppression of the pds5 mutant but exacerbated toxicity to the mcd1 mutant. Second, using chromosome spreads and chromatin immuno-precipitation, we find either cohesin complex or Pds5p chromosomal localization is altered in ctf7 mutants. Finally, biochemical analysis reveals that Ctf7p and Pds5p coimmunoprecipitate, which physically links these regulators of cohesion establishment and maintenance. We propose a model whereby Ctf7p and Pds5p cooperate to facilitate efficient establishment by mediating changes in cohesin complex on chromosomes after its deposition.
Noble, Daniel Kenna, Margaret A Dix, Melissa Skibbens, Robert V Unal, Elcin Guacci, Vincent United States Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) Cell Cycle. 2006 Nov 1;5(21):2528-36. Epub 2006 Sep 13.