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Siegelmann-Danieli N , Hanlon A , Ridge JA , Padmore R , Fein DA , Langer CJ
Oral tongue cancer in patients less than 45 years old: Institutional experience and comparison with older patients
Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1998 Feb;16(2) :745-753
PMID: ISI:000071747900047   
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Purpose: To evaluate the demographics, differential risk profile, and treatment outcome in patients with squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the oral tongue according to age at diagnosis. Patients and Methods: Patients with invasive SCC of the oral tongue who presented during the years 1985 to 1996 were identified using institutional tumor registry data. Demographics and clinical and pathologic characteristics were abstracted from the medical charts. Results: Eighty-eight patients were identified; 87 were included for analysis. Thirty patients were diagnosed at less than or equal to 45 years of age and 57 at greater than or equal to 46 years. The groups showed comparable American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging and male predominance. Prior exposure to tobacco and/or alcohol was noted in 40% and 82% of younger and older patients, respectively (P < .001); multiple smoking-related cancers occurred only in older patients (24.5% of older patients, P < .001). With median follow-up time of 29 months (younger group) and 21 months (older group), there were no significant differences in relapse rates, cancer-free survival (CFS), and overall survival (OS) rates (actuarial 5-year CFS rate, 48% and 54% in the younger and older patients, respectively; P = .91). Grouping patients according to smoking and/or alcohol history showed a trend toward better CFS in those with prior exposure to tobacco or alcohol compared with those with neither (5-year CFS rate, 60% and 38%, respectively, P = .11). In a multivariate analysis of all patients, with age used as a continuous parameter, only stage predicted CFS (P = .0019); for patients treated surgically with curative intent, only risk group predicted CFS (P = .0369). Conclusion: Prognosis of oral tongue SCC was not affected by age at diagnosis. CFS rates tended to be worse in cases not related to prior tobacco or alcohol exposure. Multiple smoking-related cancers occurred only in older patients. (C) 1998 by American Society of Clinical Oncology.
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