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Klein EE , Vicic M , Ma CM , Low DA , Drzymala RE
Validation of calculations for electrons modulated with conventional photon multileaf collimators
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2008 Mar;53(5) :1183-1208
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Treating shallow tumors with a homogeneous dose while simultaneously minimizing the dose to distal critical organs remains a challenge in radiotherapy. One promising approach is modulated electron radiotherapy ( MERT). Due to the scattering properties of electron beams, the commercially provided secondary and tertiary photon collimation systems are not conducive for electron beam delivery when standard source-to-surface distances are used. Also, commercial treatment planning systems may not accurately model electron-beam dose distributions when collimated without the standard applicators. However, by using the photon multileaf collimators (MLCs) to create segments to modulate electron beams, the quality of superficial tumor dose distributions may improve substantially. The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate calculations for the narrow segments needed to modulate megavoltage electron beams using photon beam multileaf collimators. Modulated electron radiothera!
Klein, Eric E. Vicic, Milos Ma, Chang-Ming Low, Daniel A. Drzymala, Robert E. IOP PUBLISHING LTD