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Schultz DC , Balasara BR , Testa JR , Godwin AK
Cloning and localization of a human diphthamide biosynthesis- like protein-2 gene, DPH2L2
Genomics. 1998 Sep 1;52(2) :186-191
PMID: ISI:000076421700009   
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Sequence analysis of the candidate tumor suppressor OVCA1 revealed extensive sequence identity and similarity to proteins from a diverse number of species, including the yeast diphthamide biosynthesis protein-2, dph2, which suggested that OVCA1 may be the human homologue to this yeast gene. However, searches of the translated EST database for sequences in common with dph2 and OVCA1 uncovered an EST, h52976, with significant amino acid conservation with dph2. Isolation of a cDNA clone encompassing the EST by RACE methodologies and sequence analysis indicate the identification of a previously unidentified gene that is ubiquitously expressed and maps to chromosome 1p34. Based on amino acid sequence analysis, the 489-amino-acid protein encoded by this novel gene is distinct from OVCA1 and is more closely related to the yeast dph2 gene product, Therefore, we refer to this novel gene as DPH2L2, which constitutes one member of a novel gene family that may be involved in diphthamide biosynthesis in humans. (C) 1998 Academic Press.
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