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Chetty IJ , Curran B , Cygler JE , DeMarco JJ , Ezzell G , Faddegon BA , Kawrakow I , Keall PJ , Liu H , Ma CMC , Rogers DWO , Seuntjens J , Sheikh-Bagheri D , Siebers JV
Report of the AAPM Task Group No. 105: Issues associated with clinical implementation of Monte Carlo-based photon and electron external beam treatment planning
Medical Physics. 2007 Dec;34(12) :4818-4853
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The Monte Carlo (MC) method has been shown through many research studies to calculate accurate dose distributions for clinical radiotherapy, particularly in heterogeneous patient tissues where the effects of electron transport cannot be accurately handled with conventional, deterministic dose algorithms. Despite its proven accuracy and the potential for improved dose distributions to influence treatment outcomes, the long calculation times previously associated with MC simulation rendered this method impractical for routine clinical treatment planning. However, the development of faster codes optimized for radiotherapy calculations and improvements in computer processor technology have substantially reduced calculation times to, in some instances, within minutes on a single processor. These advances have motivated several major treatment planning system vendors to embark upon the path of MC techniques. Several commercial vendors have already released or are currently in t!
Chetty, Indrin J. Curran, Bruce Cygler, Joanna E. DeMarco, John J. Ezzell, Gary Faddegon, Bruce A. Kawrakow, Iwan Keall, Paul J. Liu, Helen Ma, C. -M. Charlie Rogers, D. W. O. Seuntjens, Jan Sheikh-Bagheri, Daryoush Siebers, Jeffrey V. AMER ASSOC PHYSICISTS MEDICINE AMER INST PHYSICS